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Option Strict On
 Imports System
 Public Class Time
    ' Private variables
    Private Year As Integer
    Private Month As Integer
    Private mDate As Integer
    Private Hour As Integer
    Private Minute As Integer
    Private Second As Integer = 30

    ' Public methods
    Public Sub DisplayCurrentTime( )
         System.Console.WriteLine("{0}/{1}/{2} {3}:{4}:{5}", _
             Month, mDate, Year, Hour, Minute, Second)
    End Sub 'DisplayCurrentTime

    Public Sub New( _
    ByVal theYear As Integer, _
    ByVal theMonth As Integer, _
    ByVal theDate As Integer, _
    ByVal theHour As Integer, _
    ByVal theMinute As Integer)
       Year = theYear
       Month = theMonth
       mDate = theDate
       Hour = theHour
       Minute = theMinute
    End Sub

    Public Sub New(existingObject As Time)
       Year = existingObject.Year
       Month = existingObject.Month
       mDate = existingObject.mDate
       Hour = existingObject.Hour
       Minute = existingObject.Minute
       Second = existingObject.Second
    End Sub

 End Class 'Time

 Module Module1

    Sub Main( )
       Dim timeObject As New Time(2005, 3, 25, 9, 35)
       Dim t2 As New Time(timeObject)
       timeObject.DisplayCurrentTime( )
       t2.DisplayCurrentTime( )
    End Sub

 End Module
3/25/2005 9:35:30
3/25/2005 9:35:30

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