What are C Data Types

Introduction to Data Types

For each variable you have to attach some data type.

The data type defines:

  • the amount of storage allocated to variables.
  • the values that they can accept.
  • the operations that can be performed on variables.

There is a family of integer data types and floating-point data types. Characters are stored internally as integers and are interpreted according to the character set.

The most commonly used character set is ASCII. In the ASCII character set, A is represented by the number 65.

All C data types

The following list have all data types in C.

  • Basic type
    • Standard and extended integer types
    • Real and complex floating-point types
  • Enumerated types
  • The type void
  • Derived types
    • Pointer types
    • Array types
    • Structure types
    • Union types
    • Function types

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