Bootstrap Tutorial - Icon Example


  1. Add camera and download icon
  2. Add camera icon
  3. Add glyphicon hear icon for heading 1
  4. Add twitter icon
  5. Change UL list icon
  6. Create alert message block with arrow down icon
  7. Float twitter icon with text
  8. glyphicon-search, user, and trash icons
  9. Hover to rotate icon
  10. Mark arrow left icon
  11. Mark Close Icon
  12. Mark Copy icon
  13. Mark euro icon
  14. Mark file text icon
  15. Mark glyphicon with color
  16. Mark home admin and settings icon
  17. Mark info button
  18. Mark info icon
  19. Mark large spinner icon
  20. Mark normal size spinner icon
  21. Mark plus, trash, edit icon
  22. Mark small size spinner icon
  23. Mark star icon
  24. Put search icon near textbox
  25. Rotate icon in animation
  26. Star icon