JSF Tutorial - JSF Basic Tags

JSF provides a standard HTML tag library which are rendered into corresponding html output.

In order to use these these tags we need to use the following namespaces of URI in html node.


JSF Basic Tags

The following are important Basic Tags in JSF 2.0.

TagRendered To
h:inputTextHTML input of type="text", text box.
h:inputSecretHTML input of type="password", text box.
h:inputTextareaHTML textarea field.
h:inputHiddenHTML input of type="hidden".
h:selectBooleanCheckboxSingle HTML check box
h:selectManyCheckboxA group of HTML check boxes
h:selectOneRadioSingle HTML radio button.
h:selectOneListboxSingle HTML list box.
h:selectManyListboxMultiple HTML list box.
h:selectOneMenuHTML combo box.
h:outputTextHTML text.
h:outputFormatHTML text
h:graphicImageHTML image.
h:outputStylesheetHTML CSS style sheet.
h:outputScriptHTML script output.
h:commandButtonHTML input of type="submit" button.
h:LinkHTML anchor.
h:commandLinkHTML anchor.
h:outputLinkHTML anchor.
h:panelGridHTML Table in form of grid.
h:messageJSF message
h:messagesMany JSF messages.
f:paramParameters for JSF UI Component.
f:attributeAttribute for a JSF UI Component.
f:setPropertyActionListenerSets value of a managed bean's property