MongoDB Tutorial - MongoDB Update Document

MongoDB's update() and save() methods can update document.

The update() method update values in the existing document.

The save() method replaces the existing document with the document passed in save() method.

Update Method

The basic syntax of update() method is as follows


The following example sets the new title 'New MongoDB Tutorial' of the documents whose title is 'MongoDB Overview'.

>db.mycol.update({'title':'MongoDB Overview'},{$set:{'title':'New MongoDB Tutorial'}})

By default mongodb will update only single document.

To update multiple documents, set a parameter multi to true.

>db.mycol.update({'title':'MongoDB Overview'},{$set:{'title':'New MongoDB Tutorial'}},{multi:true})

Save Method

The syntax of save() method is shown as follows:


For example, the following code replaces the document with the _id '2222222222222adf22ec2'

      "_id" : ObjectId(2222222222222adf22ec2), "title":"java2s New Topic", "by":"java2s"