OCA Java SE 8 Mock Exam - OCA Mock Question 31


Which of the following options defines the correct structure of a Java class?

       a package com.java2s.guru; 
         package com.java2s.oracle; 
         class MyClass { } 

       b import com.java2s.guru.*; 
         import com.java2s.oracle.*; 
         package com.java2s; 
         class MyClass { } 

       c class MyClass { 
             import com.java2s.guru.*; 

       d class MyClass { 
             int abc; 




A is incorrect. A class can't define more than one package statement.

B is incorrect. The package statement must be placed before the import statement.

C is incorrect. A class can't define an import statement within its class body.

D is correct. In the absence of any package information, this class becomes part of the default package.