Java Stream How to - Java Stream Filter Example

  1. Java Check if there is any students from Milan with matchAny
  2. Java Compare the thread name for filter and map and foreach method
  3. Java Count element after filtering
  4. Java Filter and find the first or return the default value
  5. Java Filter by more than one attributes
  6. Java Filter each line in text file and count
  7. Java Filter elements in List and assign back
  8. Java Filter Empty String value
  9. Java Filter even number
  10. Java Filter Integer list for even number
  11. Java Filter non null value
  12. Java Filter number list and get even numbers
  13. Java Filter object by properties
  14. Java Filter Person List and map to name, then collect to create string
  15. Java Filter Person object by name and collect to Person List
  16. Java Filter Stream with predicate
  17. Java Filter string by length and not null
  18. Java Filter String list by starting value
  19. Java Filter String stream and map to upper case then sort
  20. Java Filter String value with starting letter
  21. Java Filter text file line by line and output
  22. Java Filter twice for null String value and string length
  23. Java Find first matched item
  24. Java Map and filter String with custom function
  25. Java Map Object on one attribute, then filter and count
  26. Java Map Object to get one attribute, then filter and get first 10, finally output
  27. Java Output default if not found
  28. Java Print names of male members with filter
  29. Java Update all graduates from Milan to Cambridge