Java Swing How to - Java Menu Example

  1. Java Set Mnemonic key for Menu
  1. Java Add action listener to popup menu item
  2. Java Add separator to JPopupMenu
  3. Java Create a Popup Menu
  4. Java Create a Popup Menu with Nested Menus
  5. Java Handle event for JPopupMenu with PopupMenuListener
  6. Java Show popup menus with mouse event


  1. Java Add Function key as Accelerator
  2. Java Add Menu Accelerator
  3. Java Add Menu Shortcuts
  4. Java Handle menu canceled, selected and deselected events with MenuListener


  1. Java Add JRadioButtonMenuItem to Menu
  2. Java Create JRadioButtonMenuItem


  1. Java Add Menu to JFrame
  2. Java Add Separator to JMenu
  3. Java Create an About Menu Item
  4. Java Create custom Layout for menu
  5. Java Create right align menu
  6. Java Create Submenu on the Main menu
  7. Java Create Vertical menu bar
  8. Java Disable Menuitem


  1. Java Check if a JCheckBoxMenuItem is selected in its item change listener
  2. Java Handle JCheckBoxMenuItem Events with an ActionListener
  3. Java Handle JCheckBoxMenuItem event ItemListener
  4. Java Initialize JCheckBoxMenuItem with checked option
  5. Java Set Mnemonic to JCheckBoxMenuItem


  1. Java Create Menu Item from Action object
  2. Java Handle change event on JMenu with ChangeListener
  3. Java Handle JMenuItem Events with MenuDragMouseListener
  4. Java Handle JMenuItem Events with MenuKeyListener
  5. Java Listen to JMenuItem Events with an ActionListener
  6. Java Override menu selection change method to listen to Its Selection Status