Javascript Data Type How to - Javascript String Example

  1. Javascript Capitalize first letter
  2. Javascript Change undefined variable to empty string
  3. Javascript Compare unicode code tick mark values
  4. Javascript Concat string with backspace
  5. Javascript Convert String to array then remove last element
  6. Javascript Count how many times a single letter appears in a word
  7. Javascript Create an N-times-a-character string
  8. Javascript Cut a string at nth occurrence of a character
  9. Javascript Cut a substring from a string to the end
  10. Javascript Extract date from a string
  11. Javascript Extract Twitter usernames from a tweet
  12. Javascript Get first and rest of string from comma separated values
  13. Javascript Get String constructor
  14. Javascript Hide or color iframe scrollbar in Firefox and Internet Explorer
  15. Javascript Join Array elements with double quote
  16. Javascript Join two strings with a comma and space between them
  17. Javascript Put single quotes around an array just "joined"
  18. Javascript Retrieve the string wrapped by double quote ""
  19. Javascript Return a string from a function
  20. Javascript Reverse string
  21. Javascript Stringify array by join
  22. Javascript Treat a string as array
  23. Javascript UpperCase certain char-index in a string
  24. Javascript Wrap String into JSON string


  1. Javascript Find all indexes of a specified character within a string
  2. Javascript Find Array Values in String
  3. Javascript Find out if a String contains a character and store values in 2 separate variables
  4. Javascript Find the last given character


  1. Javascript Parse numbers from a string and push them to an array
  2. Javascript Parse numbers mixed with letters


  1. Javascript Replace all text on web page
  2. Javascript Replace a string by range
  3. Javascript Replace backslash character with double backslash
  4. Javascript Replace comma with another separator
  5. Javascript Replace the first comma


  1. Javascript Split a list of names contained in option tags
  2. Javascript Split a string into an array of embedded numbers
  3. Javascript Split each letter and use space as separator
  4. Javascript Split string into a unknown number of strings by comma
  5. Javascript Split string into segments n characters long