Javascript Form How to - Javascript Submit Button Example

  1. Javascript Call form.reset() and form.submit() Methods to reset and submit a form
  2. Javascript Call submit() function to submit a form
  3. Javascript Get form in which the submit button is located
  4. Javascript Get Submit Button name, type and value
  5. Javascript Handle click event on Submit Button
  6. Javascript Handle focus got event for Submit button
  7. Javascript Handle focus lost event for Submit Button event
  8. Javascript Handle form submit event
  9. Javascript Handle reset and submit Event Handlers
  10. Javascript Place focus on the Submit button
  11. Javascript Remove focus from the submit button
  12. Javascript Return false in form Submit button click event to stop form submission
  13. Javascript Simulate a click on the submit button
  14. Javascript Submit form in button action
  15. Javascript Use Image as the submit button
  16. Javascript Validate form submit value