jQuery Data Type How to - Javascript String Example

  1. Javascript Add format method to String and Number objects
  2. Javascript Apply line break
  3. Javascript Capitalize the first letter of string
  4. Javascript Check for a special character at the beginning a string
  5. Javascript Check if string contains characters and whitespace, not just whitespace
  6. Javascript Check if two characters are separated in a specific way in a string
  7. Javascript Compare and exclude string keywords from an array list
  8. Javascript Concatenate string array in JavaScript - with modification while concatenating
  9. Javascript Convert type string to type Text and add to document
  10. Javascript Determine the case (upper/lower) of the first letter in a string
  11. Javascript Escape quotes and double quotes automatically
  12. Javascript Extract URL parameter
  13. Javascript Find number of spaces in a string
  14. Javascript Find which of the substrings is present in a string
  15. Javascript Generate a random string of letters and numbers
  16. Javascript Get Amount of same strings in two arrays
  17. Javascript Get the positions of the substrings
  18. Javascript Get the word that the caret is on inside a contenteditable div
  19. Javascript Print a string one character at a time with timed intervals
  20. Javascript Recursively find a substring within a string
  21. Javascript Reformat and output string into array
  22. Javascript Remove all dots except the first one from a string
  23. Javascript Remove character from a string
  24. Javascript Remove empty strings from array while keeping record of indexes with non empty strings
  25. Javascript Remove extra space in a string
  26. Javascript Remove () parenthesis from string
  27. Javascript Remove two words from text from string
  28. Javascript Replace all commas in a string
  29. Javascript Replace Character and change to TitleCase
  30. Javascript Replace the string value characters
  31. Javascript Replace " ' " with " '' "
  32. Javascript Replacing " " with (space)
  33. Javascript Reverse a string
  34. Javascript Substring of varying length after a specific character
  35. Javascript Tokenize string with space seperated values unless values are wrapped in single quotes
  36. Javascript Trim a string
  37. Javascript Trim String on both ends using javascript
  38. Javascript Turn array into comma separated grammatically correct sentence
  39. Javascript Use JSON.stringify() function as tostring function
  40. Javascript Use setTimeout to print a string char by char