jQuery HTML Element How to - Javascript anchor Example

  1. Javascript Add style for selected anchor
  2. Javascript Change font for just clicked anchor
  3. Javascript Click to highlight anchor link
  4. Javascript Get anchor href in click event
  5. Javascript Handle click event on anchor tag
  6. Javascript Hide anchor in li for containing certain text
  7. Javascript Highlight selection and change when another is selected
  8. Javascript Install anchor link in div element
  9. Javascript Loop through all anchors on a page
  10. Javascript Prevent anchor's href from opening link but still execute other bind events
  11. Javascript Prevent anchor tag from triggering status bar and make it not clickable
  12. Javascript Programatically change a link's state to :active
  13. Javascript Randomly choose a hyperlink
  14. Javascript Remove href attribute
  15. Javascript Remove tooltip from anchor
  16. Javascript Skip change location when clicking on a link
  17. Javascript Switch element content
  18. Javascript Trigger a click on anchor link