PHP Tutorial - PHP Form CheckBox

A checkbox field is a simple toggle button. It can be either on or off.

The value attribute should contain the value that will be sent to the server when the checkbox is selected. If the checkbox isn't selected, nothing is sent.

<label for="checkboxField">A checkbox field</label> 
<input type="checkbox" name="checkboxField" id="checkboxField" value="yes" /> 

You can preselect a checkbox by adding the attribute checked="checked" to the input tag:

<input type="checkbox" checked="checked" ... />. 

By creating multiple checkbox fields with the same name attribute, you can allow the user to select multiple values for the same field.


The following script is for index.htm. It has several checkboxes.

<form action ="index.php">

  <li><input type ="checkbox" name ="chkFries" value ="11.00">Fries</li>
  <li><input type ="checkbox" name ="chkSoda"  value ="12.85">Soda</li>
  <li><input type ="checkbox" name ="chkShake" value ="1.30">Shake</li>
  <li><input type ="checkbox" name ="chkKetchup" value =".05">Ketchup</li>
<input type ="submit">


The following code is for index.php and it accepts the value from the checkboxes.

print "chkFries:" .  $chkFries . "<br/>";
print "chkSoda:" $chkSoda . "<br/>";
print "chkShake:" . $chkShake . "<br/>";
print "chkKetchup" . $chkKetchup . "<br/>";

$total = 0;

if (!empty($chkFries)){
  print ("You chose Fries <br>");
  $total = $total + $chkFries;

if (!empty($chkSoda)){
  print ("You chose Soda <br>");
  $total = $total + $chkSoda;

if (!empty($chkShake)){
  print ("You chose Shake <br>");
  $total = $total + $chkShake;

if (!empty($chkKetchup)){
  print ("You chose Ketchup <br>");
  $total = $total + $chkKetchup;

print "The total cost is \$$total";