Android APK Information Get isApplicationBroughtToBackground(Context context)

Here you can find the source of isApplicationBroughtToBackground(Context context)


is Application Brought To Background


public static boolean isApplicationBroughtToBackground(Context context) 

Method Source Code

//package com.java2s;

import java.util.List;

import android.content.ComponentName;
import android.content.Context;

public class Main {
    public static boolean isApplicationBroughtToBackground(Context context) {
        ActivityManager am = (ActivityManager) context
        List<RunningTaskInfo> tasks = am.getRunningTasks(1);
        if (tasks != null && !tasks.isEmpty()) {
            ComponentName topActivity = tasks.get(0).topActivity;
            if (!topActivity.getPackageName().equals(
                    context.getPackageName())) {
                return true;
            }//w ww .jav a  2s. com
        return false;


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