Android Utililty Methods Calendar Add

List of utility methods to do Calendar Add


The list of methods to do Calendar Add are organized into topic(s).


Calendaradd(int field, long time, int val)
Useful routine to add given a number of units to specifed part of given time.
DateaddDay(Calendar c, int days)
add Day
DateaddMonth(Calendar c, int months)
add Month
Calendarafter(Calendar c, long offset)
CalendarafterNDays(Calendar c, int n)
after N Days
DategetDateAdd(Date date, int amount)
get Date Add
StringgetDateByAddFltHour(float flt)
get Date By Add Flt Hour
StringgetDateByAddHour(String datetime, int minute)
get Date By Add Hour
StringgetFormatCurrentAdd(int amount, String format)
get Format Current Add
Calendartomorrow(Calendar c)