Android Utililty Methods Camera Check

List of utility methods to do Camera Check


The list of methods to do Camera Check are organized into topic(s).


voiddumpParameters(Parameters parameters)
dump Parameters
intgetCameraFacingIntentExtras(Activity currentActivity)
get Camera Facing Intent Extras
booleanisAutoExposureLockSupported(Parameters params)
is Auto Exposure Lock Supported
booleanisAutoWhiteBalanceLockSupported(Parameters params)
is Auto White Balance Lock Supported
booleanisBackCameraIntent(int intentCameraId)
is Back Camera Intent
booleanisCameraHdrSupported(Parameters params)
is Camera Hdr Supported
booleanisFocusAreaSupported(Parameters params)
is Focus Area Supported
booleanisFrontCameraIntent(int intentCameraId)
is Front Camera Intent
booleanisMeteringAreaSupported(Parameters params)
is Metering Area Supported
booleanisVideoSnapshotSupported(Parameters params)
is Video Snapshot Supported