Android Utililty Methods Camera Preview Check

List of utility methods to do Camera Preview Check


The list of methods to do Camera Preview Check are organized into topic(s).


int[]getMaxPreviewFpsRange(Parameters params)
get Max Preview Fps Range
List<int[]> frameRates = params.getSupportedPreviewFpsRange();
if (frameRates != null && frameRates.size() > 0) {
    return frameRates.get(frameRates.size() - 1);
return new int[0];
int[]getPhotoPreviewFpsRange(List frameRates)
get Photo Preview Fps Range
if (frameRates.size() == 0) {
    Log.e(TAG, "No suppoted frame rates returned!");
    return null;
int lowestMinRate = MAX_PREVIEW_FPS_TIMES_1000;
for (int[] rate : frameRates) {
    int minFps = rate[Parameters.PREVIEW_FPS_MIN_INDEX];
    int maxFps = rate[Parameters.PREVIEW_FPS_MAX_INDEX];
int[]getPhotoPreviewFpsRange(Parameters params)
For still image capture, we need to get the right fps range such that the camera can slow down the framerate to allow for less-noisy/dark viewfinder output in dark conditions.
return getPhotoPreviewFpsRange(params.getSupportedPreviewFpsRange());