Android Utililty Methods Charset Get

List of utility methods to do Charset Get


The list of methods to do Charset Get are organized into topic(s).


CharsetgetCharset(String enc)
Returns the Java Charset that should be used for the provided encoding
Charset charset = encodingToCharsetCache.get(enc);
if (charset == null) {
    charset = Charset.forName(enc);
    encodingToCharsetCache.put(enc, charset);
return charset;
CharsetgetLocaleCharset(String locale)
get Locale Charset
return charsetMap.containsKey(locale) ? charsetMap.get(locale)
        : Charset.forName(locale);
Returns true if charsets are supported in this JRE.
try {
    ZipFile.class.getConstructor(new Class[] { File.class,
            Charset.class });
    return true;
} catch (NoSuchMethodException e) {
    return false;