Android Utililty Methods Dip to Pixel Convert

List of utility methods to do Dip to Pixel Convert


The list of methods to do Dip to Pixel Convert are organized into topic(s).


intconverSpToPixel(Context context, float spValue)
conver Sp To Pixel
floatconvertDpToPixel(Context context, float dpValue)
convert Dp To Pixel
floatconvertDpToPixel(Context ctx, float dp)
This method converts dp unit to equivalent device specific value in pixels.
intdip2pixel(Context context, int dip)
intdip2px(Context context, float dipValue)
intgetPixels(int dp, Context context)
get Pixels
intdip2Px(Context context, float dipValue)
dip Px
intdip2px(Context context, float dpValue)
intdip2px(Context context, float dpValue)
dip to px
intdip2px(Context context, float dpvalue)