Android Utililty Methods Directory Create

List of utility methods to do Directory Create


The list of methods to do Directory Create are organized into topic(s).


voidcreateDir(String dir, boolean ignoreIfExitst)
create Dir
booleancreateDir(String dirName)
create Dir
booleancreateDir(String directory)
creates the directory passed in, creating any parents as needed.
voidcreateDir(String path)
Creates a new directory on the machine's filesystem
booleancreateDir(final File path)
Makes a directory, including any necessary but nonexistent parent directories.
voidcreateDirIfNotExists(File d)
create Dir If Not Exists
voidcreateDirIfNotExists(String d)
create Dir If Not Exists
voidcreateDirStructureForFile(File file)
create Dir Structure For File
voidcreateDirs(String dir, boolean ignoreIfExitst)
create Dirs
voidcreateDirsForFile(File file)
Create directories for file if they do not exist.