Android Double Format formatDoubleToTwoDecimalString(double number)

Here you can find the source of formatDoubleToTwoDecimalString(double number)


format Double To Two Decimal String


public static String formatDoubleToTwoDecimalString(double number) 

Method Source Code

//package com.java2s;

public class Main {
    public static String formatDoubleToTwoDecimalString(double number) {
        double theNumber = calculateRechargeAmountInRandsFor(number);

        return twoDecimalDoubleFormatter(theNumber);
    }/*from   w w w  .  j av a2 s.  co m*/

    public static double calculateRechargeAmountInRandsFor(double reading) {
        double amount = tariff() * reading;
        double vat = amount / 14;

        return amount + (vat * 2);

    public static String twoDecimalDoubleFormatter(double number) {
        return String.format("%.2f", number);

    public static double tariff() { //in the future might get it from some place server?
        return 0.838; //in rands this equal 1kw


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