Android Utililty Methods File Delete

List of utility methods to do File Delete


The list of methods to do File Delete are organized into topic(s).


voidDeleteFiles(File dir, FilenameFilter filter)
Deletes the files in a specific directory that satisfy the filter.
voiddelFile(String path)
del File
voiddelete(File f)
Delete the given file or directory
booleandelete(File file)
Deletes a file.
voiddelete(File toDelete)
Deletes the file identified by toDelete.
voiddeleteAll(File file)
delete All
voiddeleteAndRename(File toDelete, File toRename)
Convenience method that deletes toDelete and renames toRename to toDelete.
voiddeleteApkInSystem(String fileName, int type)
delete Apk In System
voiddeleteDatabaseFile(int type, Context context)
delete Database File
voiddeleteDir(File dir)
delete Dir