Android Utililty Methods File Extension Name Get

List of utility methods to do File Extension Name Get


The list of methods to do File Extension Name Get are organized into topic(s).


FilechangeExtension(File file, String extensionNew)
Trys to change file's extension to extensionNew.
StringgetExtension(File file)
Returns the file's extension, defined here as the part of its name after the last '.'
StringgetExtension(File file)
get Extension
StringgetExtension(File file, boolean useFirstPeriod, boolean includePeriod)
Returns the file's extension.
StringgetExtension(String file)
get Extension
StringgetExtension(String filename)
Return the file extension of the provided filename, or null if one does not exist.
StringgetExtensionName(String fileName)
get Extension Name
StringgetFileEx(String filePath)
get File Ex
StringgetFileExt(String fileFullName)
get File Ext
StringgetFileExtByFileName(String fileName)
get File Ext By File Name