Android Utililty Methods File Rename

List of utility methods to do File Rename


The list of methods to do File Rename are organized into topic(s).


booleanmark(String pathName, String tag)
Filerename(File file1, File file2)
Trys to rename file1 to file2.
voidrename(File fromFile, File toFile)
Renames fromFile to toFile.
Filerename(String from, String to)
booleanrename(String oldName, String newName)
Renames a file or directory.
booleanrenameAs(String pathDir, String name, String wishName)
rename As
voidrenameFile(File source, File dest)
rename File
voidrenameFile(String origPath, String destPath)
Convenience function to rename (move) a file.
voidrenameFile(String source, String dest)
rename File
booleanrenameFile(String strSrc, String strDest)
Rename file from src to des, override if des exist