Android Utililty Methods Folder File List

List of utility methods to do Folder File List


The list of methods to do Folder File List are organized into topic(s).


File[]ListFiles(File dir, FilenameFilter filter)
Lists the files in a specific directory that satisfy the filter.
ListgetAllFilesAndFolders(File root, boolean containEmpty)
Get all files and directories under the specified fold.
String[]getFileNames(String dirPath)
get File Names
String[]getFileNames(String dirPath, FilenameFilter fileNameFilter)
get File Names
voidgetFiles(File dir, List outList)
Recursively get the list of the files in a given dir and add it to the list passed in the second argument.
String[]listFiles(String fileName)
list Files
booleanpathContains(String root, String child)
Verifies that a path, child, is inside of a parent path root