Android Utililty Methods Hex String Create

List of utility methods to do Hex String Create


The list of methods to do Hex String Create are organized into topic(s).


voidappendHex(StringBuffer sb, byte b)
append Hex
byteisHexChar(char ch)
Return true if the string is HexChars(1234567890abcdefABCDEF).
booleanisHexChar(String hexString, boolean checkSpaceFlag)
Method Check String
booleanisHexChar(String hexString)
Method Check String
chartoHexChar(int nibble)
Convert a nibble to a hex character
voidappendHex(final StringBuffer buf, final byte i)
append Hex
voidappendHex(final StringBuffer buf, final int i)
append Hex
StringtoHex(final int i)
to Hex
voidappendHexJavaScriptRepresentation(int codePoint, Appendable out)
Returns a javascript representation of the character in a hex escaped format.
voidappendHexJavaScriptRepresentation(StringBuilder sb, char c)
Although this is a rather specific method, it is made public because it is also used by the JSCompiler.