Android Utililty Methods InputStream to Byte Array Convert

List of utility methods to do InputStream to Byte Array Convert


The list of methods to do InputStream to Byte Array Convert are organized into topic(s).


byte[]getBytes(InputStream inputStream)
get Bytes
byte[]getFileByte(InputStream inputStream)
get File Byte
byte[]readBytes(InputStream s)
read fully the contents of s and return a byte array holding the result
StringreadFile(InputStream in, String encoding)
Reads the given input stream to a string content.
byte[]readFile(InputStream in, int size)
Reads bytes from given input stream with specified length.
byte[]stream2byte(InputStream inStream)
byte[]inStream2byte(InputStream inStream)
in Streambyte
byte[]inStream2byte(InputStream inStream)
in Streambyte
byte[]InputStram2byteArray(InputStream in)
Input Strambyte Array
byte[]getBytes(InputStream is)
get Bytes