Android Utililty Methods InputStream to String Convert

List of utility methods to do InputStream to String Convert


The list of methods to do InputStream to String Convert are organized into topic(s).


StringconvertInputStreamToString(InputStream inputStream)
convert Input Stream To String
StringinputStream2String(InputStream is)
input Stream String
StringreadStreamAsString(InputStream is)
read Stream As String
StringreadStringFromStream(InputStream is)
Reads the entire InputStream and returns its content as a single String
StringgetString(InputStream is)
Get string from an InputStream object
StringinputStream2String(InputStream is)
convert inputstream to string
StringinputStream2String(InputStream in)
input Stream String
Stringstream2String(InputStream is, int maxLength)
Read a String of up to maxLength bytes from an InputStream.
StringfromStream(InputStream stream)
Read the whole stream into a string.
StringtoConvertString(InputStream is)
to Convert String