Android Utililty Methods Method Name Create

List of utility methods to do Method Name Create


The list of methods to do Method Name Create are organized into topic(s).


StringasCamelifyGetMethod(String original)
as Camelify Get Method
return GET + camelify(original);
StringasCamelifySetMethod(String original)
as Camelify Set Method
return SET + camelify(original);
get Method Name
return new Exception().getStackTrace()[0].getMethodName();
StringgetMethodName(String stmt)
get Method Name
int endPos = stmt.toString().indexOf('(');
int startPos = stmt.toString().lastIndexOf(' ', endPos);
return stmt.toString().substring(startPos + 1, endPos);
StringgetMethodNameMinusGet(Method aMethod)
get Method Name Minus Get
String result = aMethod.getName();
if (result.startsWith(fGET)) {
    result = result.substring(fGET.length());
return result;