Android Utililty Methods Reader Read

List of utility methods to do Reader Read


The list of methods to do Reader Read are organized into topic(s).


voidcopy(Reader input, OutputStream output)
Serialize chars from a Reader to bytes on an OutputStream, and flush the OutputStream.
intcopy(Reader input, Writer output)
Copy chars from a Reader to a Writer.
StringreadContents(Reader in)
Returns the full contents of the Reader as a String.
StringreadFile(String filename)
read File
ReaderreadFileReader(String filePath)
read File Reader
StringreadTextFile(String fileName)
read text from a specified text file store in temporary path
String[]slurpLines(final Reader reader)
Read all lines from a file.
String[]slurpValidLines(final Reader reader)
Read lines from a reader but skip blank lines and those beginning with a '#'
ListtoList(Reader reader)
to List
StringnextString(Reader r)
Parse white space delimited String from Reader.