Android Utililty Methods Timestamp Get

List of utility methods to do Timestamp Get


The list of methods to do Timestamp Get are organized into topic(s).


intgetCurrentMonth(Timestamp t1)
get Current Month
intgetCurrentWeek(Timestamp t1)
get Current Week
TimestampgetFirstOfMonth(Timestamp t1)
get First Of Month
TimestampgetFirstOfYear(Timestamp t1)
get First Of Year
Get date/time stamp with spaces replaced with underscores.
TimestampgetLastOfMonth(Timestamp t1)
get Last Of Month
TimestampgetLastOfYear(Timestamp t1)
get Last Of Year
StringgetRelativeTimeofTweet(String timeStamp)
Return an absolute timestamp such as "49 seconds ago"
TimestampgetTimestamp(Timestamp timestamp, int day, int hour, int minute)
get Timestamp
intgetWeekOfYear(Calendar cal, Timestamp ts)
get Week Of Year