Android Utililty Methods Unzip InputStream

List of utility methods to do Unzip InputStream


The list of methods to do Unzip InputStream are organized into topic(s).


booleanUnZipFile(InputStream is, String targetPath)
Unzip a inputstream data to the target path.
if (is == null || targetPath.equals("") || targetPath == null) {
    return false;
try {
    extZipFile(is, targetPath);
    return true;
MapUnZipFileToMem(InputStream is)
Un Zip File To Mem
Map<String, byte[]> ret = new HashMap<String, byte[]>();
List<byte[]> dataList = new ArrayList<byte[]>();
List<Integer> dataSizeList = new ArrayList<Integer>();
try {
    ZipInputStream in = new ZipInputStream(is);
    ZipEntry entry = null;
    while ((entry = in.getNextEntry()) != null) {
        LOGD(" In UnZipFileToMem, the entry name:"