Android Utililty Methods View Check

List of utility methods to do View Check


The list of methods to do View Check are organized into topic(s).


booleanisAndroidOverScrollEnabled(View view)
is Android Over Scroll Enabled
return view.getOverScrollMode() != View.OVER_SCROLL_NEVER;
booleanisImageView(View currentViewTocross)
is Image View
if (ImageView.class.isAssignableFrom(currentViewTocross.getClass())) {
    return true;
return false;
booleanisPointInsideView(float x, float y, View view)
Determines if given points are inside view
int location[] = new int[2];
int viewX = location[0];
int viewY = location[1];
if ((x > viewX && x < (viewX + view.getWidth()))
        && (y > viewY && y < (viewY + view.getHeight()))) {
    return true;
} else {
booleanisRadioButtonView(View currentViewTocross)
is Radio Button View
if (RadioButton.class.isAssignableFrom(currentViewTocross
        .getClass())) {
    Log.e("CurrentView", "isRadioButton");
    return true;
return false;
booleanisScrollView(View v)
is Scroll View
if (ScrollView.class.isAssignableFrom(v.getClass())) {
    return true;
return false;
booleanisViewFromClass(Class type, View currentViewTocross)
is View From Class
if (type.isAssignableFrom(currentViewTocross.getClass())) {
    return true;
return false;