Android Utililty Methods View to Image Capture

List of utility methods to do View to Image Capture


The list of methods to do View to Image Capture are organized into topic(s).


BitmapcaptureWebView(WebView webView)
capture Web View
BitmapcaptureWebViewVisibleSize(WebView webView)
capture Web View Visible Size
BitmapconvertViewToBitmap(View view)
convert View To Bitmap
BitmapgetBitmapFromView(View view)
get Bitmap From View
BitmapprintScreen(View v)
print Screen
byte[]printScreen(View v, int quality)
print Screen
BitmapshotScreen(View cv)
shot Screen
Bitmapview2Bitmap(View view)
view Bitmap
Bitmapview2Bitmap(View view, boolean cache)
view Bitmap
BitmaploadBitmapFromView(View v)
load Bitmap From View