Android Activity Activity Start

Android examples for Activity:Activity Start


Click the following links for the tutorial for Activity and Activity Start.

  1. start Activity
  2. start Activity For Result
  3. start Activity various means
  4. start Activity For Result via various parameters
  5. Start a new activity and clear all tasks and disable history (back stack)
  6. Starts Activity by creating an intent
  7. start Activity With Bundle
  8. start New Activity

  9. start Activity by class Path
  10. start Activity Safely
  11. start Activity With Shared Element
  12. Start System Activity.
  13. start One Activity By Context
  14. start One Activity
  15. start Activity And Finish
  16. Starts an Activity

  17. start Activity Safe
  18. start Activity And Destroy
  19. get Start Activity
  20. start Activity With Object For Result
  21. start Activity For Serializable
  22. start Activity From Class
  23. start Activity For Data
  24. start Activity For Int Data
  25. start Activity For String Data
  26. start Activity And Close Current
  27. This method starts another activity from given context
  28. open Activity
  29. Show another Activity.
  30. enter Activity
  31. enter Activity For Result
  32. enter Activity With Bundle
  33. Launch an Activity.
  34. run Activity
  35. go To Activity
  36. Go to Activity by parameter
  37. launch Activity by package name
  38. initialize Activity by Layout
  39. try to Get Activity by Component Name
  40. restart Clear Activity
  41. restart Clear Activity Outside
  42. start Activity Setting Wireless
  43. Start an activity for searching the web using the given query via Intent.
  44. Start Activity by various parameters
  45. start Activity with various settings
  46. start Activity For Result with various settings
  47. get Activity Resume Animation
  48. Launch calendar event activity.
  49. reload Activity
  50. Create the transition participants required during a activity transition while avoiding glitches with the system UI.