Android Android OS SharedPreferences

Android examples for Android OS:SharedPreferences


Click the following links for the tutorial for Android OS and SharedPreferences.

  1. get Boolean Share Data from SharedPreferences
  2. Get int value from SharedPreferences
  3. get Set<String> Shared Data from SharedPreferences
  4. Get string value by key from SharedPreferences
  5. put Boolean Shared Data to SharedPreferences
  6. put Int Shared Data to SharedPreferences
  7. put Set<String> Shared Data to SharedPreferences
  8. put Shared Data to SharedPreferences

  9. Method to clear Preference in SharedPreferences
  10. Get SharedPreferences Editor
  11. dump Current SharedPreferences
  12. Writing to Shared Preferences
  13. load SharedPreferences From File
  14. save SharedPreferences To File
  15. increment Count in SharedPreferences
  16. read Boolean from SharedPreferences

  17. read Float from SharedPreferences
  18. read Integer from SharedPreferences
  19. read Long from SharedPreferences
  20. read String from SharedPreferences
  21. write Boolean to SharedPreferences
  22. write Float to SharedPreferences
  23. write Integer to SharedPreferences
  24. write Long to SharedPreferences
  25. write String to SharedPreferences
  26. get Cache from SharedPreferences
  27. A helper method for writing a String value to the SharedPreferences asynchronously.
  28. Return a properly configured SharedPreferences instance
  29. writing a String value to the preferences asynchronously.
  30. clear SharedPreferences
  31. Check if SharedPreferences has a key
  32. set key value pair to SharedPreferences
  33. get Preference by key and default value from SharedPreferences
  34. set Preference by value and key to SharedPreferences