Android android.text SpannableString

Android examples for android.text:SpannableString


Click the following links for the tutorial for android.text and SpannableString.

  1. Create SpannableString set Absolute Text Size
  2. Create SpannableString and Set Strikethrough
  3. Create SpannableString and set Style
  4. set Absolute Size Span for SpannableString
  5. highLight String with SpannableStringBuilder
  6. Create Spannable String from string and color
  7. remove Underlines string from Spannable
  8. enlarge SpannableString

  9. get Url SpannableString
  10. get Image SpannableString
  11. highlight string in read via SpannableStringBuilder
  12. get Mid Line SpannableString
  13. highlight String with SpannableStringBuilder and check empty values
  14. make Spannable String from string and TextSpan
  15. create Link Text via SpannableString
  16. format string by style using SpannableString

  17. get String from SpannableStringBuilder
  18. Create Spannable String from text, color, start end
  19. get High Light Text
  20. set Text Background Color
  21. set Type Face
  22. Returns a CharSequence concatenating the specified CharSequences using the specified delimiter, retaining their spans if any.
  23. Copies the spans from the region start...end in source to the region destoff...destoff+end-start in dest.
  24. does string contain URLSpan
  25. Returns a CharSequence concatenating the specified CharSequences
  26. highlight Keyword by regular expression
  27. highLight String
  28. under Line Highlight
  29. Expands a selection to include spans
  30. colorize text by Spannable
  31. get Spannable String from start, end, color
  32. get Bold Span
  33. wrap URL in a clickable SpannableString
  34. append Bold to SpannableStringBuilder
  35. bold Second String in SpannableString
  36. replace High Light Tag in SpannableStringBuilder
  37. replace Image Span
  38. add Span to Spannable
  39. Create Compound Spannable Text from Character Style
  40. Applies the given style to a range of the input CharSequence.
  41. linkify string and return SpannableString