Android Animation Scale Animation

Android examples for Animation:Scale Animation


Click the following links for the tutorial for Animation and Scale Animation.

  1. Create Scale Animation
  2. Scale View with Animation
  3. Create fly in Scale Animation
  4. Create fly out Scale Animation
  5. animation Scale
  6. start Scale Animation On
  7. create Scale Animation from float value
  8. View animate to scale Back Animation

  9. View animate to scale Down Animation
  10. View animate to scale Up Animation
  11. show View with Scale Animation
  12. alpha Scale In Out Animation
  13. get Lessen Scale Animation
  14. close Scale Animation
  15. Custom Scale Animation
  16. Custom Scale Translateanimation End

  17. scale In Animation
  18. scale Out Animation
  19. perform Scale Animation With Custom Time
  20. perform Scale X Animation With Custom Time
  21. perform Scale Y Animation
  22. animate Scale In
  23. Animator to animate X scale of the view with ObjectAnimator.
  24. Animator to animate Y scale of the view with ObjectAnimator.
  25. loads photo, downscales to fit screen imageview
  26. scale RectF
  27. get Scaled Screenshot
  28. Returns scale target object from its center to both way, until it reaches to given value from given one
  29. Scale target object from its center to both way, until it reaches to given value from given one
  30. start Scale With Bubble
  31. start Scale With Thumb
  32. scale View and set from value and to value
  33. scale X RecyclerView
  34. scale XY RecyclerView
  35. scale Y RecyclerView
  36. get Scale Bundle
  37. start Activity With Scale
  38. Collapse a view out by scaling it from its current scaled value to 0.
  39. get Scaled Density
  40. create Zoom In Near Animation
  41. create Zoom Out Away Animation
  42. create Zoom In Away Animation
  43. create Zoom Out Near Animation
  44. scale Hide
  45. scale Show
  46. Scale to big Animation
  47. Scale small Then Big Animation
  48. get New Animation Set from ScaleAnimation, AlphaAnimation
  49. set On Touch Scale Animation
  50. get Zoom Out ScaleAnimation