Android App Assets File

Android examples for App:Assets File


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  1. play an asset file using MediaPlayer
  2. Read a text file from assets
  3. copy one Asset File To another file
  4. get Text By asset file Name
  5. copy asset file from one location to new location
  6. Copy Asset file by File object and new file name
  7. get Asset File Data into ByteArrayOutputStream
  8. read Text From Asset File using InputStreamReader

  9. Read Asset JSON File
  10. Is File Exist in Asset
  11. List Asset File
  12. get File Names in Asset Folder
  13. Copy the asset at the specified current Folder Or File to this app's data directory.
  14. Copy the asset file specified by path to app's data directory.
  15. deep Get Assets File List
  16. load file from asset folder via Context

  17. get file from assets folders
  18. read File from Asset by charset
  19. read Assets File and return InputStream
  20. Reads asset file from given name of the file
  21. Load Asset JSON File
  22. read a Text file in UTF-8 from assets.
  23. read Html For asset file Name
  24. Save File to Assets
  25. copy File From Assets
  26. copy file from Asset to a new location
  27. Open assets file, return inputStream
  28. read Text File line by line from Asset
  29. Get file from assets as InputStream
  30. Get text file from assets
  31. Check if file exists in Asset
  32. copy File inside Asset Folder
  33. Open a file in assets path
  34. Read a properties file from /assets.
  35. write Asset To Cache File
  36. read Asset File and return Byte array
  37. read File from asset via AssetManager
  38. copy Asset File
  39. get File From Assets
  40. get File To List From Assets