Android App Resource

Android examples for App:Resource


Click the following links for the tutorial for App and Resource.

  1. get Strings from Resource
  2. get Resource Id
  3. read Resource by ID
  4. get String from Context Resource
  5. get Resolution As String
  6. Loads lines of text from the given path in the assets directory.
  7. Read file via FileInputStream
  8. Gets the resource id from the name and type ex...

  9. get Resources from Context
  10. load OpenGL Texture from resource
  11. Gets resource ID of the resource
  12. Returns the resource-IDs for all attributes specified in the given -resource tag as an int array.
  13. play resource Media
  14. get File Content from Resource and raw ID
  15. get Resource String from Context
  16. get String Resource from Context

  17. get Resource and return Byte Array
  18. get Resource String
  19. create App Private File via Context
  20. delete App Private File
  21. get Value From Resource Id
  22. resolve Resource
  23. get Resource Id by index
  24. get Raw Resource Size
  25. Get value from Resource
  26. close resource Quietly
  27. copy File and close opened resource
  28. get Res Id from resource type, name and package name
  29. Load a raw string resource.
  30. get Attribute Resource Value
  31. get Color from Resource
  32. This method converts device specific pixels to density independent pixels.
  33. This method is used to get a String resources by name
  34. get Image Resource Id
  35. get Resource String by name
  36. Resolves a color resource.
  37. get Drawable Id from res
  38. get Id from res
  39. get Layout Id from res
  40. get Xml Id from resource
  41. get String Id from resource
  42. get Bitmap from Resource
  43. get Dimension from resource
  44. get Resource Ids as int array
  45. get Array from resource
  46. get Layout Id from Resource
  47. get Layout Name from Resource
  48. get Resources
  49. get Res String
  50. get Res String Id By Name
  51. Retrieves a resource id dynamically, via reflection.
  52. get resource Layout ID
  53. get resource Attr ID
  54. get resource Color ID
  55. get resource Drawable ID
  56. get resource String ID
  57. get resource Style ID
  58. get Dimens Resource
  59. get Drawable Resource
  60. get Id Resource
  61. Get Layout resource
  62. get String resource
  63. get Anim Id from resource
  64. get Color Id from resource
  65. get Drawable By Id from resource
  66. get Drawable Id from resource
  67. get Row Id from resource
  68. get Style Id from resource
  69. get Values Id from resource
  70. get Drawable By Color Id from resource
  71. get Id By Name from resource
  72. Loads a raw resource and returns the content as a string.
  73. get Layout Id By Name from resource
  74. get Res Id By Name from resource
  75. Get a resource stream and metadata about it given its URI returned from onActivityResult.
  76. get Resource Color
  77. colorize Bitmap Resource
  78. load Res To String
  79. save Res
  80. Get dimension, ui/values/dimens.xml