Android Camera Camera Attribute

Android examples for Camera:Camera Attribute


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  1. set Camera Barcode Scene Mode
  2. set Best Camera Exposure Value
  3. set Camera Metering
  4. set Camera Torch
  5. set Camera Video Stabilization
  6. set Camera Invert Color
  7. set Default Camera Id
  8. Set the camera to always display in portrait mode

  9. Calculate the rotation for Camera.Parameters#setRotation
  10. set Camera Parameters Antibanding
  11. set Effect for Camera Parameters
  12. set Camera Scene Mode
  13. set Camera White Balance
  14. Set Camera shoot Sound
  15. get Camera Id
  16. get Default Camera ID

  17. A safe way to get an instance of the Camera object.
  18. get Available Cameras Count
  19. get Camera First Id
  20. get Cameras Count
  21. get Default Camera
  22. get Number Of Cameras
  23. get Camera Lowest Resolution
  24. get Camera Instance by Camera ID
  25. get Camera Jpeg Rotation
  26. get All Camera Ids
  27. get Camera Info via reflection
  28. For still image capture, we need to get the right fps range such that the camera can slow down the framerate to allow for less-noisy/dark viewfinder output in dark conditions.
  29. Get the number of cameras that the android device owned.
  30. get Camera Info
  31. get Camera Best Fps Range
  32. get Camera FOV (Field of view)
  33. Get the resolution of the device camera relevant to the screen resolution
  34. get Camera By Direction
  35. get Uri From Camera Result
  36. get String Uri From Camera Result
  37. get Has Rear Camera
  38. is Auto Exposure Lock Supported
  39. is Auto White Balance Lock Supported
  40. is Focus Area Supported
  41. find Closest Fps Range
  42. get Face Camera Index