Android File Input Output Byte Array Convert

Android examples for File Input Output:Byte Array Convert


Click the following links for the tutorial for File Input Output and Byte Array Convert.

  1. Convert InputStream to Byte array
  2. Convert byte array to Hex String via Formatter
  3. Convert Input Stream To Byte array
  4. Convert byte array To Object via ObjectInputStream
  5. Convert object to byte array
  6. Convert byte Array To String
  7. Convert byte array to int by index
  8. Convert byte array to String by size

  9. Convert byte Array To Int by offset
  10. Convert byte array to Long by offset
  11. Convert byte To Byte Array
  12. Convert int To Byte array
  13. Convert binary byte array To Hex
  14. Convert binary byte array To String
  15. Convert long To Byte array by shifting right
  16. Convert int To Byte array by shifting right

  17. Convert byte array To Int by shifting left
  18. Convert byte array To Long by shifting left
  19. Convert byte array To Short by shifting left
  20. Converts the input stream to a byte array.
  21. Convert bytes to ArrayList
  22. Convert ArrayList to bytes
  23. Convert byte array to Base64 string
  24. Convert byte Array to Int
  25. Convert byte array to Ascii String
  26. convert byte array to Integer Array
  27. Convert a little endian byte array to integer.
  28. byte Array To Debug String
  29. byte array to Drawable
  30. from Base64 to byte array
  31. Byte Array To String
  32. Save byte array to File
  33. read File using RandomAccessFile to byte array
  34. extract InputStream to byte array
  35. Load stream To Byte Array
  36. deserialize byte array to Object
  37. serialize object to byte array
  38. read Input Stream to byte array
  39. Merge byte Array into one big byte array
  40. MAC Address String To Byte Array
  41. Write short to little-endian byte array
  42. String base16 decode to byte array
  43. base16 decode byte array to String
  44. concatenate list of byte array to single byte array
  45. get Long from byte array