Android Graphics Bitmap Size

Android examples for Graphics:Bitmap Size


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  1. Calculates the size of the Bitmap image
  2. calculate Bitmap In Sample Size
  3. Change ImageView size and return a BitmapDrawable
  4. compute Bitmap Sample Size
  5. Get the option for obtain the image size of bitmap.
  6. Get the image bitmap that resizing to maximum size of limit.
  7. Get the sampling size for load the bitmap.
  8. compute Initial Sample Size

  9. read Bitmap Auto Size
  10. create Bitmap By Size
  11. Creates a centered bitmap of the desired size.
  12. get Bitmap Size
  13. Returns the size of the allocated memory used to store this bitmap's pixels.
  14. calculate Bitmap Size
  15. verify Bitmap by checking its size
  16. compute Bitmap In Memory Size

  17. Shrink Bitmap To smaller size
  18. Returns Width or Height of the Bitmap picture, depending on which size is smaller.
  19. get Bitmap By Size
  20. Get Bitmap's height
  21. Get Bitmap's Width
  22. Transform source Bitmap to targeted width and height.
  23. get Decoded Bitmap for target width and height
  24. get Dummy Bitmap by width and height
  25. get Bitmap From View by width and height
  26. calculate Bitmap Ratio by required width and height
  27. get Bitmap Of Height
  28. get Bitmap Of Width
  29. Allows decoding of a bitmap with a specified height and width.
  30. Shrink Bitmap by width and height
  31. measure Bitmap Scale
  32. measure Bitmap Sample
  33. down Size Bitmap
  34. limit Bitmap Size
  35. Calculate the largest inSampleSize value that is a power of 2 and keeps both height and width larger than the requested height and width.
  36. calculate In Simple Size By Math for Bitmap Image
  37. get Bitmap from image path by width and height