Android Graphics Color

Android examples for Graphics:Color


Click the following links for the tutorial for Graphics and Color.

  1. Prepares a correctly colored ArrayAdapter for a given theme
  2. darken Color
  3. blue color From Yuv
  4. green color From Yuv
  5. red color From Yuv
  6. get Highlight Color from sample Color
  7. get Highlight Color From Background
  8. Generate random Color

  9. morph Colors
  10. is Color Dark
  11. Convert int value to Alpha String
  12. Create a cubic gradient by using a compound gradient composed of a series of linear gradients with intermediate color values.
  13. get Current Time Color
  14. change Status Bar Color
  15. Blends the two provided colors according to the ratio
  16. convert Color To Drawable

  17. get Text Color Primary
  18. get Text Color Secondary
  19. get System Attribute Color
  20. argb Color To Hex
  21. decode YUV420SP Color
  22. get Pressed Color Ripple Drawable
  23. get Color With Default from Palette
  24. get Radiant Color
  25. create Disabled Color
  26. get Paint From Color
  27. set Refresh Layout Color
  28. get Current Hour Color
  29. get Tinted Background Color
  30. replace Interval Color
  31. to Browser Color
  32. color Burn
  33. This method uses HSL to determine in a human eyesight terms if a color is light or not.
  34. generate Back Color With Tint Color
  35. generate Thumb Color With Tint Color
  36. colorize Bitmap
  37. extract Saturation from color
  38. Invert the color
  39. Apply sepia to the given color
  40. Clear the transparency in a color
  41. Creates a gradient of colors.
  42. Get the distance between two colors
  43. Color between two colors
  44. Set the saturation for a given color The saturation of a color is determined by a combination of light intensity and how much it is distributed across the spectrum of different wavelengths. Scale of saturation (0% at bottom).
  45. Returns the contrast ratio between foreground and background color.
  46. Composite two potentially translucent colors over each other and returns the result.
  47. Get color from float between 0 and 1
  48. Get HSV array from color
  49. Get saturation from color
  50. convert ABGR Packed Int To Color
  51. Calculates the contrast between the given color and white
  52. Check this to decide if white should be used on this color
  53. Returns the luminance of a color.
  54. get Text Color For Background