Android Graphics Color RGB Value

Android examples for Graphics:Color RGB Value


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  1. Color blue Intensity
  2. set Blue value for a color
  3. get Blue value From Color
  4. Convert color from RGB to HSB
  5. Convert color from HSV to RGB
  6. Convert int color value to ARGB String #AARRGGBB
  7. Parse color from ARGB Color #AARRGGBB
  8. Convert int value color to RGB String #RRGGBB

  9. lighten color by lighting each R G B value
  10. get Color By RGB from an array
  11. get Color for each of its R G B values
  12. create RGB Color ColorMatrixColorFilter
  13. Color green Intensity
  14. set Green value for a color
  15. get Green value From Color
  16. Color red Intensity

  17. set Red value for a color
  18. get Red value From Color
  19. Take a color as input, multiply each of the rgb components and return the new color that results from this.
  20. Create color from argb
  21. Computes the difference between two RGB colors
  22. Convert rgb color to lab color
  23. get Middle Color
  24. Get complement Color
  25. Get the average color of a rect area of a YUV420SPNV21 byte array
  26. Calculates the brightness of a color, based on its RGB values.
  27. Returns a color formatted as a rgb string
  28. Darkens a color by reducing its RGB channel values.
  29. create RGB Color Filter
  30. Hsl Color To Rgb Color
  31. Hsv Color To Rgb Color
  32. Rgb Color To Hsl Color
  33. Rgb Color To Hsv Color
  34. convert YUVSP420 To ARGB Color
  35. cmyk Color From Rgb Color
  36. RGB Color to HSL
  37. Convert an ARGB color to its hexadecimal representation
  38. Convert an ARGB color to HSV components
  39. Convert RGBA color buffer to RGB color buffer
  40. RGB To Color
  41. set the luminosity of a color ARGB value
  42. convert ARGB Packed Int To Color
  43. get Blue from color
  44. get Green from color
  45. get Red from color