Android Graphics Color Value

Android examples for Graphics:Color Value


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  1. Write the "color value" to the specified file.
  2. get Color Between two color values
  3. Parse Color Value
  4. saturate color value
  5. Convert int color value to Color String
  6. generate Random Color and return int value
  7. mix two color values
  8. get Middle Color between two color values and factor

  9. Convert String hex color value to int color
  10. random Color for each of its R G B values
  11. get random color rgb value
  12. generate Random Color by masking int value
  13. get Color Array from existing predefined android color values
  14. Convert the color value to hex
  15. get Color Name by color value
  16. Shifts the hue color value by the offset specified

  17. Lightens a color based on the float value entered.
  18. Returns an int array with the color values for the given attributes (R.attr).
  19. parse Color
  20. parse Color to float Array
  21. parse Color from String to int
  22. Gets the opacity from a color.
  23. Convert RGB color to CMYK color.
  24. Convert CYMK color to RGB color.
  25. Generate random Color from random RGB value
  26. Create a color integer value with specified alpha.
  27. Mix two colors.
  28. Gets the RGB pixel at the given position in a YUV420SPNV21 byte array
  29. Returns the complimentary color of the given color
  30. darkens the given color to ensure that white text is clearly visible on top of it.
  31. get Quake Color
  32. Returns an interpoloated color, between a and b
  33. Changes the paint color to the specified value.
  34. create Pixel from color value
  35. Override the colors alpha and set it to the given value [0..255].
  36. to Browser Hex Color Value
  37. to Color from r g b value
  38. Method returning color with modified alpha proportional to given values.
  39. Method returning color between start and end color proportional to given values.
  40. extract Value from color
  41. Calculates the minimum color alpha value which can be applied to foreground
  42. Get value from color