Android Graphics Drawable

Android examples for Graphics:Drawable


Click the following links for the tutorial for Graphics and Drawable.

  1. drawable To Bitmap
  2. Create Drawable from Bitmap
  3. Convert drawable to Bitmap
  4. Convert drawable To Bitmap via Canvas
  5. get BitmapDrawable
  6. to Bitmap from Drawable
  7. Converts a drawable to a bitmap image.
  8. convert ColorDrawable To Bitmap

  9. Convert drawable by id To Bitmap
  10. get Drawable To Bitmap
  11. resize Bitmap To Icon Drawable
  12. resize Bitmap To 128 by 128 Icon Drawable
  13. get Bitmap From Drawable
  14. bitmap to Transition Drawable
  15. convert Icon To Bitmap
  16. get Average Color from Drawable

  17. set Drawable Color
  18. get Pressed Color Selector
  19. set Right Check Box Drawable
  20. convert Drawable as Bitmap by size
  21. Create GradientDrawable
  22. get Selector StateListDrawable
  23. get Drawable from TypedArray
  24. get Type Of Drawable
  25. set Background Drawable States
  26. get GradientDrawable from color value array
  27. color Remote Drawable
  28. Create new Selector StateListDrawable
  29. get Color from ColorDrawable
  30. Mutates the state of background BitmapDrawables so that TileMode.REPEAT works properly
  31. Dispatches Drawable repeat fixes based on the type of the Drawable
  32. Go through layers and dispatch them via fixDrawableRepeat
  33. There's a limitation where we can only get the current Drawable, so that's the only one that can be mutated
  34. create and return RippleDrawable
  35. get Tinted Drawable
  36. load drawable from file path
  37. load drawable from resource id
  38. get Label Color Drawable
  39. Provides a backwards compatable way to tint drawables
  40. get a String of which with a Drawable in front via SpannableStringBuilder
  41. add LayerDrawable
  42. get Current Drawable from View
  43. Create a drawable to be used as for a bubble.
  44. get Drawable from Resource
  45. apply Border Drawable To View
  46. Create Transition Drawable
  47. create Drawable Background
  48. measure Text Width via Paint
  49. set Drawable Filter
  50. set Image Drawable Filter
  51. get Text Drawable
  52. change Drawable Color
  53. zoom Drawable
  54. set Button Compound Drawable Size Base On Height
  55. set Button Compound Drawable Size Base On Width
  56. set ImageView Drawable Size Base On Height
  57. get GradientDrawable
  58. get StateListDrawable
  59. set Cursor Drawable Color for EditText
  60. decode Drawable from Base64 String
  61. get Drawable from resource id