Android Graphics Pixel

Android examples for Graphics:Pixel


Click the following links for the tutorial for Graphics and Pixel.

  1. density To Pixel Convert
  2. Convert pixel to dip
  3. get Pixel from TypedValue
  4. get Pixel from DIP value
  5. This Function convert the DP to Pixel.
  6. get Pixel From Dip
  7. convert Dip To Pixel
  8. convert Pixel To Sp

  9. pixels Per Dip
  10. convert dp to pixel
  11. Convert Pixel to Pixel By HVGA
  12. get Width Pixels
  13. dp To Px
  14. px To Dp
  15. get Dpi Height
  16. Given a value in DIP (density per pixel) uses the display metrics of the device to return the value in pixels.

  17. get Display Center Pixel
  18. get Scaled Pixels
  19. Returns the size in pixels of an attribute dimension
  20. Converts dp unit to equivalent pixels, depending on device density.
  21. Converts device specific pixels to density independent pixels.
  22. Conversion from DIPs (Density-independent pixels) to pixels
  23. Conversion from pixels to DIPs (Density-independent pixels)
  24. Trims the transparent pixels from the given BufferedImage (returns a sub-image).
  25. get Window Height Pixels
  26. transform To Density Pixel
  27. convert Dimension from pixel To Dimension Strictly
  28. Convert dimension To Pixel Offset
  29. Convert dimension To Pixel Size
  30. Convert dimension To Pixel Strictly
  31. dip To Pixel Offset
  32. dip To Pixel Size
  33. is Tablet if width is greater than 960 pixel
  34. pixel To Dimension Strictly
  35. Converts device specific pixels to dp.
  36. Calculates the number of pixels corresponding to the given device independent pixels for the current device.
  37. cm To Dpi
  38. Resolves a dimension resource that uses density-independent pixels
  39. Resolves a dimension resource that uses scaled pixels
  40. verify Pixel With Threshold
  41. Enable pixel dithering for this window (but only in API < 17)
  42. create Gray Pixel
  43. Posterize a given pixel