Android Graphics Spannable

Android examples for Graphics:Spannable


Click the following links for the tutorial for Graphics and Spannable.

  1. get Compound Spannable Text
  2. add CharacterStyle to Spannable
  3. get Span Emoji Size
  4. highlight Text with SpannableString
  5. get Decorated Text as SpannableString
  6. is String Contains Emoji
  7. Add clickable span to SpannableStringBuilder
  8. Appends CharSequence representations of the specified arguments to a SpannableStringBuilder , creating one if the supplied builder is null .

  9. to Spannable String
  10. apply Kerning to Spannable
  11. Map the given ISO 639-3 language code to a name of a language, for example, "Spanish"
  12. Map the given ISO 639-1 language code to a name of a language, for example, "Spanish"
  13. time Span between two Location
  14. assemble SpannableString
  15. check For Bullet in SpannableString
  16. Returns a CharSequence Spannable that applies boldface to the concatenation of the specified CharSequence objects.

  17. "Closes" the specified tags on a Spannable by updating the spans to be endpoint-exclusive so that future text appended to the end will not take on the same styling.
  18. Returns a Spannable CharSequence that applies italics to the concatenation of the specified CharSequence objects.
  19. set Style Span
  20. get Image Span
  21. get On Click Span
  22. get Url Span
  23. Returns a Spannable CharSequence concatenating the specified CharSequences, retaining their SuggestionSpans that don't have the PARAGRAPH flag, but not other spans.
  24. Copies the spans from the region start...end in source to the region destoff...destoff+end-start in dest.
  25. has Url Spans
  26. Calls #setStyleSpan(android.text.Spannable,String,int) with as the third param.
  27. Sets a to text.
  28. Set a span over the entire spannable.
  29. set Text Background and return SpannableString
  30. set Text Foreground and return SpannableString
  31. set Text Image and return SpannableString
  32. set Text URL and return SpannableString
  33. replace Image Span
  34. Strips all rich text except spans used to provide compositional hints.
  35. Apply only the spans from src to dst specific by spans.
  36. get Composing Spans
  37. get Spans from Spanned
  38. is Composing Span
  39. is Flagged Span
  40. create Constrained Static Layout