Android Intent Open App

Android examples for Intent:Open App


Click the following links for the tutorial for Intent and Open App.

  1. Open Calendar app with specific time via Intent
  2. start Service using Intent by service type Class
  3. Starts Activity by creating an intent
  4. set Value To Intent by Class Type
  5. get Launch Intent For Package
  6. Creates pending intent to fire OnEventStartReceiver when it's time to change the ring volume
  7. load Document In Reader by file extension using Intent
  8. create Intent

  9. Returns an intent for launching the application settings for the app with the specified activity.
  10. Create Intent to share Text
  11. Create Intent to open music
  12. Before triggering an implicit intent check if there is any registered activity
  13. Get the intent to start fragment.
  14. is Intent Available
  15. close App via Intent
  16. clear Back Stack for Intent

  17. start home Activity intent
  18. stop the running service via Intent.
  19. Try to pick the app to handle this intent.
  20. Create Intent to behave As Home Button
  21. Go back home via Intent
  22. Returns true if the given intent can be handled on this device
  23. Get the Intent for selecting content to be used in an Intent Chooser.
  24. Create Intent to rate My App
  25. install Remote APK via Intent
  26. open twitter Intent
  27. Open the Wikipedia page for a given page title using Intent.
  28. share App via Intent
  29. change Activity via Intent
  30. install Watch app Pebble
  31. Checks the availability of the Download Manager via Intent
  32. get Clock Intent
  33. change Language via Intent
  34. is Download Manager Available
  35. Intent to open the official Facebook app.
  36. Method to get weather the intent is available in system to perform specified operation